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Xiaomi Oclean One Electric Toothbrush - White

  • Zīmols: Xiaomi
  • Produkta kods: OCLEANONEWHITE
  • Pieejamība: Jautāt
  • 76.53€

Next Gen Sonic Smart Toothbrush

The Oclean One is Oclean’s latest next-generation smart toothbrush. Designed to provide a more personalized brushing experience, the award-winning Oclean One packs a wealth of intelligent technology and premium design features-including customizable brushing programs, in-depth analytics, and an industry-leading 60-day battery life.

Go the Distance

The Oclean One's ultra-long battery lasts up to 60 days on a single charge!

• 4x longer than other leading electric toothbrushes

• 3½ hour rapid charging

Knowledge is Power

Integrated sensors collect all sorts of cool data each time you brush, which the app’s algorithm uses to help you develop better brushing habits.

• Analyze brushing motion, angle, and pressure

• Using the Oclean Pro app to geek out on your brushing performance and receive valuable tips, including a daily cleanliness score and detailed brushing reports

A Brush Made Just for You

Personalized brushing plans help you get the results you want

• Three brushing modes (Cleaning, Whitening, and Massage)

• Four intensity settings

• The ability to create thousands of customized plans

A Whole New Experience

A good product experience requires the support from both hardware and software. We regularly update the Oclean One firmware so you will never have an outdated toothbrush.

Built to Wow

The Oclean One’s design features a 5-layer finishing process that gives it a sweet premium feel, helping it earn some awesome design awards from the likes of Red Dot and iF World Design.

Shift Your Brushing into High Gear

The Oclean One features the industry’s fastest ultrasonic motor that allows people to select the intensity that’s right for them

• all the way up to 42,000 brush strokes per minute!

• Patented design delivers 20% more power than other leading brands’ electric brushes. 

• Lifetime of 5,000 hours

DuPont / Pedex, Top Brand Filaments

The Oclean One’s bristles are of the highest quality. 

Each cross-section of filaments is diamond-shaped and enables deep clean. The comfort you will feel when using these bristles is first-class.

Best fit beyond your imagination

Oclean One ensures that each filament is grinned to either full round or semi-round. The roundness rate is 1.4 times higher than the national standard.