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Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch - HDS

  • Zīmols: AEOTEC
  • Produkta kods: HDS
  • Pieejamība: 1+ vienības
  • 86.50€

Heavy Duty Smart Switch is built upon Aeotec’s smart switch technology. Just like our smart switches, it can be automated, manually controlled, and remotely monitored. Just like our smart switches, it is imbued with Aeotec’s reliable and accurate power-consumption monitoring technology.

Electronics that use up to 40 amps of power. They’re the big electronics and appliances in your home. Big fridges and pool pumps. Hot water systems and electric car chargers.

If it’s big, if it uses a lot of power, Heavy Duty Smart Switch was made for it.

Indoor switch and outdoor switch.

It’s the Z-Wave smart switch that you can use indoors out outdoors.

More has been done to Heavy Duty Smart Switch than simply waterproofing it for outdoor use. It’s also been crafted with all the technology necessary for it to perform outdoors flawlessly; a long-range antenna capable of communicating over 150 metres (490 feet) outdoors, and a Z-Wave repeater so that it can also communicate with other Z-Wave devices installed outdoors.

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