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Xiaomi Roborock S5 - Black

  • Zīmols: Xiaomi
  • Produkta kods: S552-00BLACK
  • Pieejamība: 10+ vienības
  • 396.32€

Roborock S5

Smart cleaner gets smarter

Sweeping + mopping  | Zoned cleaning  | Super cleaning performance  | Upgraded sensors

Clean and then mop for a cleaner home

Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner features sweeping + mopping capability for a cleaner experience

The water tank is designed with the philosophy of botanical biomimetics, and together with the microfiber mopping cloth, they make home cleaning easier.

Botanically biomimetic wet mopping system

The new design of the wet mopping system mimics a tree with the filter as roots and mopping cloth as leaves. They can control the water seepage in an organic manner for wet mopping of 45 to 60 minutes.

Uniform water seepage is achieved during mopping. Water seepage is shut down when the cleaner is still.

Botanically biomimetic vascular bundle filter

Stable water seepage with impurities filtered

The high-precision botanically biomimetic vascular bundle filter connects the water tanks and the mopping cloth. The filter automatically absorbs water based on the capillary principle to make the cloth keep sufficient water, and filters out the impurities in the water at the same time to prevent water outlet blockage. The modular design enables disassembly and replacement with ease.

Perfect fit

Mopping cloth clinging to the floor well with no hemming

The design with maximum edge attachment is used for where the cloth and the water tank get together, so the cloth is perfectly attached to the water tank, eliminating the hemming phenomenon during mopping which otherwise would affect the normal use due to reduced mopping area.

Peace of mind

Ease-to-install flipping-free water tank

The botanically biomimetic water tank is easily removable in the form of drawer. You can simply insert it to the bottom of the cleaner when mopping without the need to flip over the cleaner.


Laser scanning for map creation  Route planning for planned cleaning

The high-precision LDS laser range sensor can scan the room at 5×360°/second for distance information, which will then be computed with the industry-leading SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map. Based on the map, a route along edges first and then in Z-shape will be planned for efficient and complete cleaning.

Customized cleaning area as you wish

Whether you want to clean a single room, all bedrooms or a small area, all you need to do is drag the cleaning frame on the map in the app to set a custom cleaning area.

As flexible and simple as in a game

Tap the map in the app to send a command, and the cleaner will head to the target point and plan a route to avoid obstacles in the front.No map? Just set a target point as you wish and the cleaner will build a map in real time while moving.

Vacuum cyclone 3D cleaning system

The powerful high-static pressure fan works like a cyclone for high suction, the floating main brush fits well the floor, and the sealed smooth air duct ensures no suction loss. Along with the side brushes and rolling brushes, they make sure that the floor is completed cleaned, horizontally and vertically.This way, even when you walk on the floor barefoot, you won't feel any dust or granules.

The E11-grade strainer is coated with waterproof Teflon, and 95% filter performance can be retained after 1 year of normal use.

The dustier and dirtier duct bin can be rinsed in water directly, making it easier to clean.

Great tangle-free design

Say goodbye to the hairy problem

The main brush, side brush and omni-directional wheels are designed to be tangle-free, preventing hairs from getting into the cleaner and clogging the motor which otherwise may cause motor fault due to heating. A beak-like cleaning tool is included for easy removal of hairs in the cleaner.

Careful noise reduction design

Clean your home more quietly

Fully fitted sealed silencer pads work perfectly with the specially created porous air screen for optimal noise reduction, making cleaning more quiet.

Excellent recharge technology to ensure always standby

New infrared dock charger

Front-transmitted 180° infrared recharge signal can reach far to 4 m, enabling the cleaner to locate the dock charger with high precision backThe dock charger is equipped with impeccable over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection, and the low-voltage 20VDC power supply is harmless to both humans and pets.

Automatic recharge and resumption from where left off

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