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Igloohome Keybox 2 - IGK2

  • 168.99€

The Smart Lock Box for Remote Access 

Designed for rental hosts and home, property or business owners. 

Comes with 2 modes of access.

Create and send PIN codes to guests for easy retrieval of keys and access cards. You can also use Bluetooth keys to unlock the lock box - simply use your smart phone within range.

Load it up with the essentials

The interior of the lock box is spacious enough to hold up to 6 physical keys or 7 keycards. This means that you can include the essentials for your guest in it - the house key, a SIM card, a transport card and more.

So versatile it fits on most doorknobs and handles.

With 2 shackle sizes, the Keybox 2 will fit most doorknobs. Shackle on fences or mount it on the wall with screws.

Improved rain resistance

The Smart Keybox 2 comes with improved resistance to the elements. It's been tested to withstand dust and light rain (IP65 certified). The quality hardened carbon steel and zinc alloy material composition ensures durability, and resistance to impact.

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